Our Team

Our team of educators and staff are here to ensure your child's safety and happiness.
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  • Ms. Christina

    Ms. Christina


  • Ms. Scheree

    Ms. Scheree

    Assistant Director

  • Ms. Allison

    Ms. Allison

    Front Desk Administrator

  • Ms. Tyresha

    Ms. Tyresha

    Office Administrator


  • Ms. Kelly

    Ms. Kelly


  • Ms. Brittany

    Ms. Brittany

    First and Second Grade

  • Ms. Elide

    Ms. Elide


  • Ms. Rutty

    Ms. Rutty


  • Ms. Amanda

    Ms. Amanda

    One Year Olds

  • Ms. Anaelena

    Ms. Anaelena

    One Year Olds

  • Ms. Demetra

    Ms. Demetra

    Two Year Olds

  • Ms. Janette

    Ms. Janette

    Two Year Olds

  • Ms. Irma

    Ms. Irma

    Three Year Olds

  • Ms. Marlenne

    Ms. Marlenne

    Three Year Olds

  • Ms. Jennifer

    Ms. Jennifer

    Pre-K & VPK

  • Ms. Lisa

    Ms. Lisa

    Pre-K & VPK

  • Ms. Akisha

    Ms. Akisha

    Pre-K & VPK

  • Ms. Rosa

    Ms. Rosa

    Pre-K & VPK